SOLD/EXPIRED S O L D - Forster Bonanza Co-Ax Press ($175 PLUS FREE S/H)

Lefty G-gear

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Sep 18, 2010
Hyattville, WY

I sold the newer one real quick ($200). Midway USA wants $265 plus S/H and they are sold out.

This one works great, but I have to find the tube and cup for the spent primers.
I removed them when we moved - and left the press attached to the bench.
I'll sell this one for $175 and FREE S/H.

You CAN use the TALL micrometer seating and sizing dies like these .338 RUMs as seen in the photos below.
I seat the bullets out farther than the specified 3.580" to 3.660" in the Remington 700 rifle.
Their magazines are longer, and the bullets end up closer to the rifling, and they cycle fine for hunting.
The base of the bullets and boat-tails are at the neck junction of the cases. -Good-to-go!

Any Questions?

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(307) 856-6427

My Monster Antelope pics in Wyoming Sept. 2002

And I found Wile E. Coyote on the prowl for geese.
He thinks they are duck-billed webbed-footed RoadRunners!


Lefty G-gear

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Sep 18, 2010
Hyattville, WY
Re: Forster Bonanza Co-Ax Press ($175 PLUS FREE S/H)

Here's a link for the instruction manual

Step-by-step video

Forster Co-Ax Single Stage Press

The Forster Co-Ax Single Stage press is one of the finest presses manufactured today. Loaded with features not found on other presses such as "Snap in and Snap out" die changing, three times the mechanical advantage of ordinary "C" presses, easy right or left hand operation, primer seater that is fully adjustable to hold brass cases and adjust primer seating depth and self-actuating shellholder jaws that open and close with movement of the press handle eliminating the need to use standard shellholders. Standard jaws are included that fit the majority of standard calibers.

Technical Information

Press Type: Single Stage
Frame Material: Cast Iron and Steel
Frame Design: C-Frame
Frame Offset: 0
Frame Opening Size:
Handle Location: Top Center
Die Size Accepted: 7/8"-14
Die Bushing Accepted: No
Die Bushing Brand Used: N/A
Spent Primer Collection System: Under Press Sealed Jar
Ram Stroke:
Ram Diameter:
Priming Feature: Top
Number of Mounting Holes:
Mounting Hardware Included: No
Additional Features: Dual Floating Guide Rods for perfect alignment, Unique shellholder design that does not require standard shellholders
Notes: S-jaws work with most brass cartridge cases. An optional LS-jaw (product number 672-863) will be needed if loading 22 Hornet, 256 Winchester Magnum, 348 Winchester, 378 Weatherby Magnum, 416 Rigby, 416 Remington Magnum, or any 45-70 based case like 40-65, 45-70, 45-90, 45-110
Warranty: Limited Lifetime

Stock photo


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