S&B PM II 4-16 Tactical Scope

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    I have had the good fortune to aquire one of these...

    I do love the functionality of the USO ST-10 scopes and therfore it will stay on my 308, but I will soon have a new home for the S&B.. ;-)

    I have to say I have not ever observed quite the clarity, resolution, detail and color transfer quite as well as this S&B. Simply amazing.... I can without question distinguish tiny branches on trees at over 750- yards.. I am just simply impressed... not to mention the lt. browns are lt. browns the lt. greens are lt. greens and the lt. greys are lt. greys.. 3 colors that are hard to distiguish in a scope....
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    Hi Ric
    What new stick is in the making? Tell all!!
    Although I have never had the fortune to use a S&B I have one Zeiss scope and also used a Swaro a bit.
    The quality euro scopes seem to have a definite edge in clarity and colour rendition.
    We don't see many NF here in Australia but I managed to track one down last month [5.5-22 NXS]and was very dissapointed with it in both of these areas. No doubt they are tough as nails and reliable but the image left a lot to be desired.
    I also use a LRT Leupold but have narrowed down my next scope purchase for my 22/6mm to the Zeiss 6-24VMV.
    I need more power than the S&B for my "itty bitty" targets.
    Best wishes for the Xmas season.
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    New Stick.. inquiring minds wanna know right?? LOL..

    I'll be posting pics as soon as Chris finishes it.....

    It'll wear the S&B... Chris says that he's really please with it so far so that gets me pretty pumped up when he's happy with it!!!!
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    Feb 23, 2004
    Ric so how does the S&B compare in a side to side with the USO ST-10 as far as optic clarity etc? I've looked through both but never side by side to get a good comparison. Thanks.
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    OK .. don't wanna get anyone stirred into a frenzy.. but my opinion and my opinion only... and Ihave looked througha top of the line Ziess too... just not side by side...

    The ST-10 is perfect for the 308 to 1K in a tactical rugged no nonsense easy of operation setting.... the optics are first rate no doubt about that...

    but here's a quote from an e-mail I sent to a person asking the same thing... I did do some editing...

    I have a USO, and the S&B.. I did a test at 10X the USO glass doesn't even come close to the S&B glass.. I mean not even close.....it is very good but...

    I focused on a shrub at about 750 yards... the color was a burnt deep red color with really fine twigs... only detectable with the S&B.. with the other I saw a medium brown bush....

    I had a Buck Mule deer at about 200 yards so I did the same experiment.... I could see the striations and texture of the hair not so with the other...

    That being said.. I would and will at some point purchase a USO for tactical applications but for my LR rig thats on the way... the S&B is really gonna have to fail in some other respect for me not to use it...
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    Apr 17, 2003
    Ric, what power is your ST-10??..sakofan...I wonder how a SN-3 would do going head to head with the S&B?? It would be a more of a apple to apple comparison, I would think. Kudos to the S&B though!! For sure!! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif
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    My ST-10 is just the standard 10X with ergo obj. EREK knob lit Mil-Dot Ret. w/ranging brackets
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    Feb 23, 2004
    Ric thanks for the info.
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    I have heard great things about IOR's scopes and haow they compair to S&B and Ziess , anybody ever compair them?
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    Dec 6, 2002
    i have put an S&B 4-16 and 3-12 an IOR 4-14
    an LR Leupold 4-14 a Mark4 10x side by side and i could see better clearer from edge to edge and a bit longer at dusk with the S&Bs(the target was at about 109 yards away) i also asked a friend of mine who knows nothing about scopes and brands to look through them and tell me which he thinks he can see better...he picked up the S&B, also when doing the dusk comparison i had a street light at my left about 60 yards in front of me and the IOR was getting a milky color that was interfering with visibility(?)The IOR glass is closer to the LR with the Mark4 having a tiny bit of an edge on them 2 ...thats acording to my eyes ofcourse..