Rut season right around the corner


Mar 12, 2009
Lewiston, Idaho
Well, It's almost time for the rut. November 12th is what people say here, and I tend to agree. This is the time to pull the buck grunts and rattling antlers out of the closet, practice with them for awhile, and them take to the field. Most people I talk with dont know the effectiveness that these simple two objects can have on aquiring a nice animal. I have been sucessful the last three years rattling in bucks, for myself and others. I get the most enjoyment rattling in bucks for those who have never seen it done. Last year I rattled in a 5x5 whitetail, for a friend from the station. He had only hunted whitetail for two years and never seen one come in during the rut. What a hoot, we hiked in early in the morning sat up on a nice bowl, and within a half and hour had 3 bucks and many does within a 400 yd radius. then after getting him to calm down and wait, finally the nice one arrived. He doesn't shoot long range, so I let him use my Rifle. I pulled the range finder out, 375 yards (perfect :)). I dialed the drop into my scope, had him laying in the prone position and told him to fire when he was ready. Swack, perfect shot. Deer ran about 20 yards and folded up on the ground. This made him a believer of the rut and also the longe range shooting. It is always a great time hunting with your friends. Well so long for now. Time to get ready for the RUT!!!!!!
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I have actually found that the best time to rattle is a week to 10 days before the does go into their heat cycles. That has always been sometime in the first two weeks of November here in Montana. I have also found the rattling response also heats up again around mid December when most of the does are bred but boys being what they are still want some lovin'.

Sure you can get a response anytime during the rut but you can turn things into a frenzy if you hit the horns together just before the rut when all the bucks are ready to roll but there are no ladies to court.

Grunting will generally produce better results later in the rut but once a mature buck gets hooked up with a hot doe, no rattling or grunting will pull him off. Try catching him before he gets a girlfriend.


Just a hunch but it has gotten 1500" of whitetail antler on the wall!!! :D
Nice looking pics guys. I've never tried rattling. Kirby, I've hunted the Chinook area for the last 14 or so years and always say I'm going to try to take a Whitetail. Well, I still haven't. I get tired of passing on big Mulies and end up squeezing the trigger. I wish I were a more patient person. Hossboss, you're definately giving me the bug. I still have an unfilled Idaho deer tag in my pocket and not sure what to do with it.
Nice pictures guys!!!

Hossboss2002: did you prep that skull? It is a nice one, if you did it how did you do it?

Kirby your wall looks just awesome to me, your working desk looks like a place where only you can find anything:D Great looking wall.

Enjoy the rut guys, some of us will be working non stop, without a chance to go for it.

Yes I did this myself. I used Oxiclean and Dawn dishsoap in a pan of boiling water. First I scraped as much meat off of the skull as possible. I also wrapped the base of the antlers with plastic and electrical tape to keep them from getting bleached out. I usually boil it for about two hours then remove, then I use a brillo pad and scrape some more of the meat away and use my dewalt drill with a metal coat hanger to clean out the brain cavity. I then boil again and again until all meat is gone. Good luck to ya.
Well HossBoss I hope we are on for saturday after next. We can see the difference from the 308 to the STW!:D
I think we should have Waldo start the big buck contest again, last year with those old timers a button buck would have won!!!!
Kirby, real nice looking wall! Convinced me to try rattling one in after the peak of the rut, it peaks around nov 10-11 around here, just on my brithday! Best present I could ask for :) also I got off school on those two days due to parent teacher conferances (I'm a sophmore in highschool), everything is set up for a midweek all day muzzleloader hunt! Can't wait, really got the bug now!!

Good luck everyone,
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