Russian Lazer.WOW!!!!!!!

Boyd Heaton

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May 14, 2001
Lock Haven P.A.
Butch.(338-378) and I got to spend some time with Darryl today.And we had a chance to play with THE LAZER.And let me tell you. There is no if's and's or but's with that Rangefinder.You put it on what you want to range.Push the button.And you have a range within a few second's.This thing is the ticket.Darryl also showed us our first Wild elk.There were nine of them standing about 30 yard's off the road.We also got to see his gun's and where he set's up in hunting season.I alway's thought there was Heaven on earth.Now I know there is.Cause Darryl showed it to us.(BIG SMILE)Thank's Darryl.
Boyd and Butch

Glad you both came up and enjoyed our LR area. Let me know when you get the 300 RUM on line. I know a place or two to give it a test run. How far do you want to reach out?

My big gun should have click's to around 2000 yard's.My other one should be good to 1400 or 1500 yard's.So we'll try them out to the point I run out of click's.I hope I get them back soon.I'll let you know.And thank's again.
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