RUGER Target rifle in 6.5 creedmore

Not in the 6.5 Creedmore, but I own one in .22-250 that shoots bugholes all day long. Trigger was a little sporadic when I first bought it, but a little careful stoning and it settled in just fine. Several companies make aftermarket triggers, too, that are specific for the target/varmint variation (these have a 2-stage trigger from the factory).

the only ruger i have is a 77/22 that i love
but i like the 28" tube on the 6.5 creed.

i might have to look in to that

tks for pointing this out

I think I've been to every gunshop in N.East Nebraska and parts of Iowa. None has one in stock in any caliber. I'd at least like to hold one. However I'm going to work at the shot show in Las Vegas from the 19th -22nd. I'll bet the Ruger booths will have one.
I work part time for Shepherd Scope I don't know exactly where the display will be. They'll tell me that when I get there but I'm sure it is on the little map thing at the web site. Are you going too?

side note. have you seen this. I don't think the singer is a long range precision fan but it's still pretty darned good! YouTube - I Like Guns - Steve Lee
Wow ... that last post thing I did kind of surprised me. I expected to paste in a link, not a whole video gizmo that you can watch from right here! To quote that famous spy, Maxwell Smart, "sorry 'bout that"
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