Ruger m77 marrkii 270win


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Jan 16, 2018
Ok I got my m77 270 back. I had a jard trigger installed in it. I was sick of the trigger and last winter I tried to modify it myself and messed it up. Also sanded the barrel channel out and bedded the action. Got a 4-14 scope on it now too with a little thinner of a reticle had a Burris full field ii 3x9 before. So what bullets do you recommend? It will be mostly hunting deer. I’m working with 110g TTSX Barnes right now will see what happens this is where I left off when I changed everything. Also the factory ring screws anyone know what size they are? It’s the Ruger factory special rings. The screws are just regular screw driver would
Like to get some star bit screws for them, they are getting rounded off and can’t get them all torqued.