Ruger Charger/Kidd Barrel/PFI optic

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    Feb 26, 2003
    Took my rig out yesterday for prairie dogs and got several at 225 and one at 275. The 225ers were maybe a couple shots each (40-50%), and the 275er was 1 out of 4 shots. Weren't many PD's out yesterday afternoon. I'm hoping the town is still healthy, as 1 of the PD's in the pic has mange (probably from the coyotes in So. Colorado these days). Had a couple opportunities at 2 300-yd. dogs and both 1st shots were close enough to spook the dogs into their holes. Used the CTK Monopod and PFI 3-9x Rapid Reticle that i wouldn't shoot at these dogs with a rimfire without anymore. The 225ers were 3 minutes beyond the 200 yd. mark and the 275 was 14.5 MOA more. The 300 yarders was 19.75 MOA more (10 ft. of holdover) for a whopping 40 MOA of holdover from 50-yd. zero using Fed. Auto-Match @ 1200 fps mv. with 5-10 mph winds--



    One of the 225's was particularly fun. I shot at him and he spooked toward his hole. Just as he was preparing to jump into the safety of his hole i shot again and nailed him. He just rolled off the back of the mound. It was quite dramatic.
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