Ruger bottom metal????

Either. I wouldn't mind mag fed but can't find either. Looking for something beefier. Like the badger for a 700.
I bounced around for a little bit on the web a little bit ago. All I could find was some used bottom metal off a gun that looked like hell. Maybe able to contact ruger directly I'm pretty sure they only make two types, long and short action both are aluminum. If you could find the bottom metal from one of the scout rifles they're currently making you should be able to modify you're stock to accept it, of course that's only in 308 length calibers. About the only thing I know to do on this one is wish you the best of luck hell it took me better part of a month to find a stock that'd fit an original tang safety m77.
Yeah, I shoot Rugers, and there is almost no aftermarket stuff for them. I'm actually considering welding up a chassis for one of mine. Just have to decide if my time is worth it, or if I should swap it out for a Remington or a Savage.

I've never seen any new bottom metal for them. If your floor plate or trigger guard assembly is bad, I think you'll have to contact Ruger for a replacement.
Called ruger and the scout bottom metal is only $5. I want to go that route but want to make sure it'll work. They wouldn't give me any info on it. They said they don't recommend any mods to their rifles. Anyone know if the scout bottom metal with work with my m77 mark 2 action. It's the short action and I'm getting a Mcmillian stock made. Thanks
Chad, my son bought a model 77 that was quite beat up about the stock and bottom metal scratched. This rifle had what looked like black paint from the factory on the trigger guard and floor plate. He sanded all the paint off to bare aluminum and I polished it on the buffing wheel. It looks along with the refinished stock.
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