Ruger Blackhawk .41 Magnum

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    Jun 4, 2003
    Well I saw an add in the paper for a Ruger Blackhawk in .41 Mag w/ 6.5" bbl. I didn't have the cash but I had a Taurus tracker in a .357 Mag w/4" ported barrel. So I called the guy and talked it over with him and I ended up bringing the Ruger home after a little dealing. I swapped him my 357, 450 Federal small pistol mag primers, 1/4 pound of H-110, 80 loaded rounds of 158g laser cast, and about 300 rounds of brass. In return, I got the Ruger 41 mag, a box of 210g PMC factory ammo and 100 215g cast bullets. All in all I am happy since I can put a scope on this one and its a little more gun for deer and bear which is obviously better then the 357.

    Anyways, I plan on putting a Bushnell 2-6x32 scope on it and loading up some 210g XTP's.

    Any preference for powder/bullets in the 41??

    Whats a good guideline for accuracy from this particular pistol??

    Any advice for a good set of base/rings?

    I shot it about 25 times tonight and it did kick a bit harder then the 357 but not that bad.

    Took a while to get use to the single action, but I think I got it down now. Not much of a pistol guy so go easy on me, lol.

    Thanks for any and all help guys.
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    Jul 30, 2004
    I use H110 in mine. I believe the load is 22 gr with a 210 gr jacketed bullet. That is probably a max load. 2400 would probably work well also. When I run out of bullets, I am going to switch to a hard cast lead bullet. Cheaper and should provide an exit wound on any critter. I've managed to kill two deer with mine including one intentional head shot at 68 yds off a rest.
    Haven't shot my Blackhawk with a scope but I have put a 3 shot group into about 3.5" at 100 yds from prone position. Yours should be more than accurate enough for any shot within it's ballistic capability. You might want to do some shooting with it before you put a scope on it. IMO scopes make sixguns more bulky and less handy for quick short range followup shots. Without a scope they ride well in hip holsters. Just a suggestion.
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    I own two 41 mag handguns-a Ruger Redhawk and a Ruger Blackhawk like the one you bought. The 41 mag is one of my favorite handgun calibers, along with the 45 Colt. I have used three different powders to load for them--H110,2400, and AA-9. Of these my favorite is H110 as has been suggested. I have a scope on my Redhawk but with the Blackhawk I carry it with open sights. This makes a very powerful handgun that is quite easy to carry and because it has less recoil than a 44 mag it is much easier to shoot.

    Sambo3006 has given you some good advise concerning loads. I have shot 210 Grain Sierra's and Hornady's 210 as well as 215 cast bullets. My Blackhawk shoot them all very accurately. These loads will do the job on deer and black bear.
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    Not sure how it works with the 210g bullets but my Dan Wesson has a faster twist, like the Freedom Arms and likes VV N120 and 270g Leadhead boolits. I know the silhouette shooters on the west coast like VV N 110 too. Here is a link for the bullets.
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