Ruger 77 in 22 hornet


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Jan 22, 2013
My uncle is looking to fund a new gun and he asked me to help sell his 22 hornet.
Ruger model 77 in 22 Hornet, ~1000-1300 rounds through it (Would typically shoot off 50 rounds per prairie dog trip, 2-3 times per year over the past 10 years. He had another hornet that he used prior to that with some overlap on the two guns for trips.
Has a simmons pro hunter 6-18x scope
~125 rounds of older Remington ammo, factory ammo
~90-100 pieces of brass, most are 2x fired but he said to call it 3x to play it safe on accurate description.
He also has ~500 rounds of reloaded 22 hornet with v-max, the brass is 2x fired, again he said there may be some that are 3x but doubts it. This will be included for free for the buyer to break down for components. The scope was dialed in for this ammo.
includes RCBC dies and shellholder

$900 plus actual cost of shipping.

Looking to get pictures of the gun tomorrow and more exact information/count on the factory ammo and components.