Rock Chuck on 338 Nawakwa


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Mar 17, 2002
I just got back from out west scouting Elk and had a good time shooting rock chucks also. We were driving around on some of the 4x4 roads spotting when we came across some rock chucks way out there. I got the Wild range finder out to range the distant chucks to see if it was worth digging the big gun out of the back of the truck. After ranging the chucks in the 1500 yard range we started digging out the rifle and bench after 20 minuets of digging we had every thing set up. I started looking for the chucks on the distant rocks and grass there were 5 chucks in view. I ranged one of the chucks and came up with 1390 Meters so I went to my drop chart and came up with 33 MOA for the come up form a 100 yard 0 and with the wind I estimated 6 MOA for wind. We decided on one to shoot at and let one fly the shot was close but I had to make some elevation and wind corrections the next shot was right in there missing by inches the chuck went running to his hole. We picked one of the other chucks that was a little further away and added 2 MOA for elevation and fired spotter said you are a little hi but fire another at the same spot. I put another one down range and it was a good hit the chuck went flipping through the air at least 3 feet high. We packed all the equipment up in the truck and started walking over to where the chuck laid. We hiked for 40 minuets and came up on the chuck the 300g SMK did a number on hem

Crow Mag

I dream about shots over treeain like that.

Please tell us more about the cartridge.

Please include your come ups at 1000 so I can compare to my .308 win.
The Wannahackaloogie connects! Mighty fine shooting Eric! But tell the truth...Cameron pulled the trigger didnt he? If you dont mind I'll answer a few of the questions for folks.

The 338 Nawakwa (AKA Wannahackaloogie) is an improved 338 Lapua Mag. Eric designed this case by his lil ole self and it does lay em in there. Eric was kind enough to let me shoot it in the HG Shootoff in Ohio last month as I forgot to pack enough bullits! Let me tell you it has a bit more punch then my 6.5!

Mighty fine shooting from a first rate guy!

Eric, CONGRATULATIONS on the long range kill!!! I might have to get me one of those Wannahockallogie's. I might use Rob's 7mm Wannahockaloogie because I can't handle all the recoil.

See you at the Nationals! You are welcome here anytime.
Chris We saw 12 Bulls one day most 5x5 1-6x? They were tarring up the small trees with there horns. On another day we saw a herd of around 40 Elk with some small bulls and another herd of around 30 with some nice bulls.

338 Nawakwa is a 338 Lapua IMP Tight Neck Minimum body taper pushed the shoulder forward to the max and throated for the 300g SMK bullet.

We were shooting at an elevation of just under 10,000 Foot above sea leavel
100 Yard 0
500 Yard +7 moa
1000Y +19 moa
1500Y +33 moa
2000Y +53 moa
2500Y +92 moa
3000Y +147 moa

Jeff did Bruce get the Bat working for you? You should shoot Robs 30 shout mag HG at the Nationals See you at the Nationals
New extractor from BAT fixed it. No problems now. Shot an 8.8" 45 and a 7.0" 43 at the last Ohio match.

See you soon.
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><HR>100 Yard 0
500 Yard +7 moa
1000Y +19 moa
1500Y +33 moa
2000Y +53 moa
2500Y +92 moa
3000Y +147 moa

Thanks for the info.

Is there a picture of the rifle and the round on the forum that I could look at. Those heavy hitters facinate me.
Crow mag,
where were you hunting (or scouting) out
west,From your pictures me and my nephew
were in the same spot 2week's ago shooting
at 1500+ the only difference is our GPS said
Nice shooting Jeff

here is a pic of the gun

brian b
We were in Wyoming

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Crow Mag,
Awesome looking rifle,what brand of action
are you using??? what kind of load's and
velocity???? for the sierra 300mk. The reason
I ask is because I am having a 338Lapua mag
Imp. built right now (not a 338Nawakwa,love
the name)One more question how long is the
p.s. we were hunting in an area that look's
virtualy identical to where you were at but
we were in northern Utah.

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I am using a 8.5" Bat action and a 1.400 Broughton 10T 32" barrel the scope was a 20x50 boosted Leupold with a adjustable base that starts out at 80 MOA and will go to 125 MOA I am shooting H 1000 and R25 and getting 3050 FPS with the 300g SMK
Crow Mag
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