SOLD/EXPIRED Robert Witley .22ar F/S

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    Aug 9, 2009
    Hello guys. Ive been a long time lurker here and really like the site. I mostly post on snipershide and 6mmbr. but need to sell my rifle as im in a financial bind, and am sorry for this being my first post.

    i bought a brand new top of the line .22AR upper from Robert Whtley last year and have not been able to shoot it much and would like to sell it.

    the upper consists of Billet reciever with side charging handle, Krieger 24" match barrel 7.7 twist for 70-82gr bullets , low profile gas block, vented handgaurds. pretty much the best he offers.

    The lower was built off a DPMS stripped lower that has a Jewell 2 stage adjustable trigger. Ergo grip, Magpull PRS stock with CS main spring and heavy tungsten buffer weight. RRA scope base. 1 8rd magazine and 2 25 round mags.

    the dies will be included, they are by Redding. 1 primary neck down die, full lenght sizer and micrometer seater.

    The gun has around 200rds though it and loves 75gr amax and Berger 75gr VLD's at 3000fps it will also shoot 80gr Berger and JLK vld's at 3050. Also, brass prep is very easy.

    Ill provide all paper work i recieved when i purchased the upper. The rifle has ran flawlessly since day one and is a blast to shoot. right now I just dont have the time to shoot it The scope and bi-pod are not included.

    I have $2513.22 in the complete rifle and will take $2200.00 plus shipping.

    heres some links to pics of it

    ar22 005 pictures from extreme sports photos on webshots

    ar22 001 pictures from extreme sports photos on webshots

    ar22 006 pictures from extreme sports photos on webshots

    just to add t what kind of accuracy it capable of at 275 yds with 80gr berger vld's it will put 5 shots into 1.535" with almost no load development. with 75gr vld's its put 5 shots into .273" at 100 yds. again practically no load development

    Here is a pic of the rounds it shoots. the one on the right is a 75gr AMAX and the other is a 80gr JLK VLD.

    the rifle will shoot the 75gr bullets extremely accurately at 3100fps and the 80's at 3050fps

    if your interested I can be reached here by PM or my email addy is [email protected]

    thank you for looking,