Rl17 and 338 win mag


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Feb 25, 2008
I dabbled with RE17 when it first appeared, it didn’t out perform my load with RE19, so I discontinued testing it with other bullets. IIRC, it was a good 100+fps slower than the RE19 load with 225gr Accubonds. I run 76gr of RE19, WLRM primer in Rem brass, velocity average is 2892fps in my 26” tube.
I would take RE19 every time, of all the powders I tested, not only was it the fastest with least pressure, it was way more accurate to boot as well.

Hope someone can give you a load to work from, I didn’t record my results due to the performance being poor, from memory, it ran almost identical to H4831sc, which is another powder I hate due to it NEVER giving me book results in ANY cartridge I’ve ever tried it in.



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Dec 30, 2013
Winchester, Wy.
My opinion only... 17 may be a little too fast for optimum performance.....we’re running RL 22 with 225 Barnes TTSX’s in my wife’s .338 WM, getting 2950 fps, with acceptable accuracy. By acceptable accuracy....I mean that it’s about what we’ve come to expect from the rifle. It won’t win any matches...but is easily a big game rifle to 500 yards. Maybe a couple hundred farther...when everything it done right! memtb

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Jun 16, 2012
Not your bullet of choice but I load 73.6grs of RL17 in Nosler brass and Fed 215 primer under a 210gr Nosler partition in my Ruger 24"barrel M77 for 3023fps. This is a near max load and should be worked up to. Sight in 3"high at 100yds and hold on hair out to 400yds with ease.

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