RL-50 for 7mm Allen Mag?


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Mar 23, 2008
N. Central Indiana
Yes but with a few caveats. You have to load slowly (fill the case slowly) due to the kernel size, it has a tenancy bridge if dumped in. I used a drop tube and had no issues, weighing the charges out on a Chargemaster.

Shooting the Berger 195g EOL bullet, the sweet spot seems to be 3225 fps in my gun after doing some load development. Last 4 rounds I checked for fps while I was zeroing at 300 yds were 3225, 3219, 3220 and 3222 fps. It shot good, I did a crappy job of reading the wind. @ 300 yds vertical dispersion c-c was 1/4", horizontal dispersion was 3/4" c-c. 2 bullets went through the same hole or I completely missed the 2' x 4' target, which I doubt.... LOL

I wanted to use a slower powder than the RL-33 that I was using, hopefully to get more fps from the gun. I liked using WC-872, that is until I found out how temp sensitive I found it to be. I gained roughly 150 fps over the RL-33 that I was using.
Is this Allen Mag on the Rigby case or the Gibbs case? I can't remember.
Anyway, in my 338-416 Rigby Improved 45 degree, I get best results using H50-BMG with heavy VLD pills. I'm using a custom brass VLD solid 332gr at the moment. Berger's are good for steel and paper but blew up on the hide for me, not that I generally hunt with this rig at 18lbs. Lol.
Tried US-869, RE33 and RE50, they shot ok but all 3 are dirty powders in my experience and none are available here anymore anyway. I have a very good supply of 8lb (4kg) jugs here in Australia.
I think H50-BMG may have been discontinued on Hodgdon's site, so this may be moot.
If available, I think it's a better option as it is temp stable.

The 7mm Allen Mag is based on the .338 Lapua case, and has a reduced taper on the body, and the shoulder is blown forward and is a sharper taper than the .338 Lapua shoulder. Case capacity is approximately 10% more than the .338 Lapua.

I've used the 180g Berger Hunting VLD with great success on Elk. Complete penetration, about $0.50 sized exit hole, 707 yds. The elk dropped at the shot and never moved.
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