RL-17 in 7mm-08


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Oct 23, 2002
York, Pa.
Looking for load info using RL-17 in the 7mm-08 cartridge. Expect to use the 139, 140, 145 or 150 grainers but open for any pet loads. I have a few different manufactures on hand. The rifle is a Browning Micro A-bolt 20" barrel. Thanks!
Results RL-17 in 7mm-08

The RL-17 showed very good results with the 139 Hornandy SPBT. I ran charges from a mild load of 44.0 to 47.0 using BR-2's and R-P cases. The velocities were from 2515 to 2790fps.

I wanted to get at least 2800 so I went back and loaded some Norma w/BR-2's from 46.5 to 48.0. grains. The loads at 47.2 to 47.6 (I used .2 grain differences in the loadings)
The velocities were 2820, 2835, and 2848 respectively and were on top of each other at 200yards. These were also center target. All other were left of center by inches.

Tomorrow will load up 5 of each in the 47.2 to 47.6 and see what happens at 200.

By the way 48.0 shot ran 2875fps 4" higher and no pressure issue. This is in a 20" barrel Browning Micro-Hunter.

I also had the magazine clip machined open .075 to allow closer fit to rifling so that round was loaded to 2.870 and functioned thru the magazine. That works to .005 off of rifling with this bullet.

I will also try the Barnes 140 tsx using this powder to see how well it performs. Right now though this rifle looks like it wants those 139's.

I also loaded 3 Norma's with 44.0 grains with the 160 Accubond. Velocity was 2560fps and accuracy at 100 was under 1". I definitely think this load could go a little more.

As in any Handloading, Safety is #1 priority use caution work up slow and start low. These loads posted were safe in my rifle. Yours may be very different.!!
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