Rimfire shorty question


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May 2, 2007
What modular or size adjustable rimfire can would ya'll recommend? Have a mask in the wait line, just found a threaded barrel for my 17 hm2 and would like a short suppressor for leaving on while hunting. Local place suggested a bowers bitty, but seems like a modular would be more logical and useful.

Any strong opinions seems like there are a few options out there?
IMO you already have the right one in the Mask - purpose driven will always be better than modular. I've never once noticed the 5" and 6oz of my Sparrow 22 on a rifle, it's the same size and weight as yours.
I think there is a local outfit that sells the Odin, have been able to handle in store the occlus and switchback. All feel pretty solid, gues it's down to materials and company backing it.

Idea behind having a modular in addition to the mask is that harsh compromise reality hunting always presents us. Namely the rifle is carried all day shot for only a second. While the mask will definitely win at the range or the alfalfa fields, something more packable for hunting would be nice.
something more packable for hunting would be nice.

I guess we're on different wavelengths, to me a 5" 6oz rimfire suppressor is packable and can be carried all day. I use one for squirrel hunting, plenty of walking and carrying and handiness there, no problems. $500 for a 2" suppressor on a rimfire rifle is crazy to me. Pistol sure, but rifle no way. Different strokes.
I have the AAC aviator2, I don’t have the specs in front of me but it is so light I could carry it forever
I guess my humorous rejoinder of "any strong opinions" needed a topical qualifier, touche on that that one.

Whilst my man card is liable to be safe from the clutches of the internet, the lack of useful data highlights the decay of the once great database that was forums.

Back for round three in the hope that additional information helps.

Dead air mask was recommended as the best all round rimfire silencer, so one is going through the lovely process that is the atf. I hunt a lot of places that are tight and brush laden, short stubby rifles are awesome for this. Weight isn't really a concern on these but a compact little can that works OK (realizing upfront there will be a compromise.) Seems like a better option that leaving the can at home. The modular cans seem to give some kind of best of both worlds, run it short all day and long at the range.

Looks like the Odin, switchback and occulus all have a configuration that would still fit my back scabbard. Do those who have them find they clean easily and hold up?
I use and prefer shorter 22lr barrels on rifles. I use a Rugged Oculus more than any other can on rifles and have yet to shoot it in the short configuration.
My experience is: monocore cans have more first round pop than baffled cans. K baffles are quieter than M baffles. Steel cans clean easier.
Rugged oculus being my first can is amazing. I’m not super versed in them. Standard velocity 40gr in 22/45 lite are ear safe and don’t bother the neighbors. Out of a 16” rifle they’re Hollywood quiet, easily kill multiple squirrels from same tree.
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