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    Dec 6, 2002
    Guys I just bought a new house. I need to refurnish/landscape Etc. Selling off a few of my own personal rifles to keep me out of the red.

    ------------Rifle List------------------

    These are all rifles I built for myself and are all in excellent like new condition. Round counts are actual unless noted. All actions are trued and lapped, and have a Badger recoil lug. All are pillar bedded in marine- tex unless noted.

    1. Nesika Model T repeater, 308 Win, Stainless steel, 24” SS 5R Mike Rock 1-11 twist barrel Web finish, #7/M-24 Contour, Badger Trigerguard, SSG Knob, McMillan A4 Stock With adjustable cheek and spacer system . OD/BLK/GRY Marble camo . Leupold Mark 4 2 piece mounts. Badger Rings. 154 , Rounds fired $3800

    2. Nesika model T repeater, 308 Win, Stainless Steel, 22” Mike Rock SS 5R 1-12 twist Fluted barrel, #7/M-24 Contour , Badger Trigerguard, SSG Knob, McMillan HTG Stock OD/BLK Marble camo. Warn 2 piece steel bases. Badger rings 25 rounds fired $3500

    3. -SOLD- Rem 700 SA , 308 Win, 26” Schneider CM Poly 1-12, #7/M-24 Contour, Rem BDL triggerguard, SSG Knob, McMillan McHale Sniper stock OD Green, With forend rail, Parkerized finish, Badger 20MOA Rail, Badger Rings , 200 rounds fired. $2100 -SOLD-

    4. Rem 700 SA, (Across the course rifle) Clip slotted for M14 type stripper clips, 308 Win, 28” K&P 1-11 SS Fluted barrel, heavy target contour, Badger Triggerguard, SSG Knob, McMillan Prone stock, Grey, Adjustable Cheek, 3 way Adj Butt, forend rail with hand stop. RPA 1000 yard rear sight with RPA Ladder front, Warn 2 piece bases . Set up for Leupold QRW Rings (included) Barrel has 240 grit spun finish with black flutes, the rest or the metal is flat black Teflon. 170 round fired $3000 (steal if you want to start high power comp)

    5. (SOLD Pending Funds) Rem 700 SA, 308 Win, 24” Accuracy International CPI SS 1-11 Barrel (made by Mike Rock), #7/M-24 Contour, SSG Knob, Stage 1 AICS Chassis System stock, 2 mags, Milspec OD finish on metal, Badger Base and rings, This on is brand new , test fired only. Test target is a .210” 5 shot group. $2300 (Sold)

    6. (SOLD)Rem 700 LA, 338 Lapua Mag. 26” Schneider 1-10 SS, #7/M-24 Contour, OPS Inc Brake, SSG Knob, Custom Steel Triggerguard by Sonny Hill Ent. 3 round capacity. McMillan HTG Stock, OD/BLK Marble camo. OD Teflon finish on metal, Badger rail and Badger rings. (SOLD)

    350 rounds fired. $2500

    7. Sako TRGS Custom, 338 Lapua Single Shot, 27” #5 contour, Pacnor 1-10 Fluted Barrel, Gentry Brake, Black McMillan A2 Stock, Sako Rings included. Rifle finished in matte black Teflon. Aprox. 250 rounds on this rifle $1200

    8.(SOLD) CZ 550 Magnum, 338 Lapua, 28” Accuracy International 1-10 SS Fluted barrel, Badger Ordnance Brake, Factory steel triggerguard, 4+1 capacity, McMillan Baker Special Stock, Adj Cheek, 3 Way Adj Butt. Desert Camo finish, Barrel has 240 grit spun finish with Mil spec OD Flutes, All other metal is Matte Black. Custom CZ 30mm Sniper Grade rings. Very nice rifle!! $2500 (SOLD)

    Other Rifles/ Etc.

    9.-SOLD- Factory Win Stealth, 308 New in box, $575 -SOLD-

    10. -SOLD- Accuracy International AE, 308 Win 24” Black with green 1.5 Adjustable stock. 2 mags. Brand New unfired, $2550. -SOLD-

    11.-SOLD- AR-15 Upper, Heavy 20” stainless steel Rock Creek (Mike Rock Buttoned Barrel) OD Green Badger Handguard, Armalite Flatop A4 upper, Armalite Bolt and carrier, with Badger Ordnance gas block and Badger charging handle. Ready to snap onto your lower. Test fired only, Has a couple of small scratches from storage. $350. SOLD

    12. FN SPR, DBM, Black 20" A3 Mcmillan, Pillar bedded in marinetex, recrowned and trigger tuned to 2 1/2lbs . 2 mags. 20 rounds fired. $1300

    George Gardner [​IMG]
    G.A. Precision Rifles
    1209 Swift St
    North Kansas City, MO 64116

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    Dec 6, 2002
    List is updated,