Rifle scabbard for a chassis rifle on a horse

Not specifically for a chassis rifle, but I always used a soft rifle case. If your case doesn't have 'loops' to attach to saddle, it would be a simple job to sew some on.
The one scabbard I had fit my MDT LSS XL very well. The three other chassis I have, not so well.
It really depends, as not all scabbards are the same - some generous, some designed to fit a 1894 sized rifle.
A buddy used to hunt Oregon's Steens Mountains with his horse and a 340 Weatherby Mark V in a scabbard.
A general idea as far as sizing one would be to look at the bare minimum soft rifle case that barely fits your chassis and buy one no smaller.
I have a Tac force trifold drag bag that I put my largest LR rifle with big optics in.Tied off to horse has webbing and many D rings.Not super fast access but works.You can sling whole case,which rides or probably could sling off top, then just unbuckle the outside buckles, the rifle barrel fits in front loop and buckles at grip inside case
Has anyone done a horseback hunt with a chassis rifle? What did you use for a saddle scabbard?
If you horseback hunt frequently, trace out your rifle on paper and find a good leather shop to mske you s custom scabbard! I fid that for my custom build 300 AX! Really nice !
Put your rifle in the pelican and put it on your pack horse.
Keep a regular rifle on your saddle horse or a hunting pistol on you.
If you get into timber a big dangling conglomeration of scabbard on your saddle horse will ruin your day.