Rifle Hunting Turkeys; Anyone here do it?

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Jul 29, 2004
States where turkey hunting with a rifle is legal they don’t really care anything about turkeys . Turkey hunting is a heritage in the south and it’s a art form that most never come to understand. You are one of those cause I’m speaking to you in a foreign language now

I have hunted Turkeys with a bow, a pistol, a shotgun and a rifle. The easiest way to kill a turkey is with a shotgun. Easy doesn't make it a sport, just easy. The hardest way was with a bow. At shotgun distances a bow is still harder because it doesn't have a 30 " pattern and is much slower.

Pistol shooting them is much more difficult than a shotgun because the effective distance is about the same as a shotgun. Taking a turkey's head off at 250 + yards is also a challenge for the shooter and the rifle. We call every turkey in the spring season, based on what weapon is legal and use bow during bow season where bows are the only legal thing you can use, and rifles during rifle season.

I have seen many Turkey's lost and wounded by poor shots with a shotgun, and very few by other means. So I consider any legal method to be sport, as long as you don't miss or injure the game.

I consider any form of hunting a skill, not an art form, and in my opinion a shotgun takes the least skill of any other way used.:) I hear where you are coming from But agree to disagree.

Just "MY" opinion

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Aug 23, 2008
east central fl. /n.c. pa.
Yes. but some times just reach out & grab.
Yep, there they are pickin grit on the road.
Problem with gravel roads like that is that they can hear you coming easier.
Dirt roads are better for that, and be especially watchfull as you approach those curves.
Best to sneak up on the curves. lol
Hey laugh all you want, but it beats sitting on some porch in a rocking chair.
Give me a week and ill have a turkey, Ive seen up to 5 different flocks in one day, but you need to be always tuned in for them. Once theyve seen you its over.
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