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    Sep 3, 2010
    I have read opinions of what degree of accuracy can be achieved with a particular type of rifle and what it takes to get there. There are many factors involved as we all know and there are many myths. I have seen web sites that guarantee !.5 moa groups with a semi-auto and such and I say this is not very impressive. A friend of mine and myself built custom AR-15s a few years ago with custom barrels, trigger, bolts, worked up a load ect. and used them to varmint hunt and in some friendly bench competition. These rifles would routinely shoot sub 3/8 moa and my friend shot 28 rounds in succession under 1/2" in a penny shoot at 100 yards before fouling and throwing a flyer. 2 different rifles and 28 rounds is not luck or chance. LR shots on critters were a crow at 475 yd and a yote at 504. Not record breakers by any means but nice shots for a .223 nonetheless. I think if a guy does the right thing and pays attention to what really matters when it comes to accuracy, not let himself get caught up in looking for that magic bullet or gimmick piece of equipment to buy for his gun, he will be happy with the results he achieves. If this can be done with a semi-auto, what is the limit of a good bolt gun?
    What are your opinions?