Ridgetec LookOut Duel Cellular Camera


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Aug 25, 2013
I've been in the market for a cell camera and with so many to choose from I was at a lost comparing this & that......It came down to two, Spartan Ghost, and the Ridgetec LookOut Duel......Either one is a winner, the one feature on the Spartan is the built in GPS, the Ridgetec doesn't have it, it does have a security code that you create, but if it got stolen and somehow the thief got to work Ridgetec would be able to track it for you !!

The reason I decided on the Ridgetc:
Trigger speed is faster
Picture quality is slightly better
Video is in fact better
Warranty they are equal as is customer service
Ridgetec comes with both Verizon & AT&T SIM Cards you choose which is best for you, and if you decide to switch you can without buying another camera
Designer of Spartan is also the the designer and Co-Owner of Ridgetec and owner of Chasinggame.com, very professional and helpful
I purchased thru herd360.com found his prices on cameras where best on top of that toss in his online "16percent" coupon off cameras
Ridgetec was slightly cheaper in price
Ridgetec was slightly smaller in size
Data plans are pay as you go from Ridgetec, doesn't matter what cell phone service you have it doesn't go on your phone bill

When I first got my camera my daughter put the sim card in the wrong way jamming it inside, I called Anthony the Co-Owner, he said ship it back to me, which I did, a few hours later he called me and said he will ship out a new camera ASAP, this wasn't a warranty issue but he stood strong behind his business and product, THAT'S TRUE CUSTOMER SERVICE

I got the camera set up and put in the woods, but being this is all new to me I wasn't sure if I had the settings correct. I emailed Anthony, he took the time to look it over I assume from his database and he made two adjustments, once more that's customer service

I strongly suggest if you're in the market for a quality cellular camera and company that will back their products up and work with the customer in a very professional way, give Ridgetec a look......they are based out of Georgia and Canada



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Apr 19, 2019
Weatherford, Texas
I have several. I have one that I modified a Stealth external solar battery pack that has been in constant operation since Nov. 20th of last year. This camera doesn't even have any internal AA batteries. I am going to swap out the 12v solar battery this week with a new one.



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