Revolver vs auto


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Aug 10, 2010
Carson City, NV
I mention Ruger on the first place because I have expirience and trust with them.

My idea is not to have bobed hammer like Gemini customs or anybody else ,but all closed hammer like Kimber K6S and Ruger LCR.
For the trigger, I am reading that LCR have much lighter DA than SP101 and GP100.
And I would like to see Ruger (or anybody else) made factory revolver with all that features.

My question is how to force Ruger to make revolver like that.
It's simple.. it's called "demand for the product" until the demand is high enough they, Ruger, will never make it and it will be made with the guns that are available today.
as for the covered/shrouded hammer. that will never happen via a larger frame revolvers. if S&W have not done it or Colt or some other factory has not done it before I am not going to have any hope of it being done now. J-frame size or similar sized guns get internal and shrouded hammers.. even the K6 is smaller than the K-frame smith. no K-frame I ahve heard of has ever had an internal or shrouded hammer. sorry, the only way they will make it is demand and even then I am not sure they would ever make it the exact way you want.

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