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Jun 16, 2004
Guys, I need some load data for 300 RUM using Retumbo with the 200gr Accubond. I just got home from bow hunting in up state PA(no luck passed up 3 small bucks) where I found I great little gun store with tons of reloading stuff. I could not find retumbo anyware around here. This guy had every powder you could think of... well almost. Good prices too. to bad he is 175 miles away. But an accurate load is what I'm looking for. Firearm is a Rem. Sendero with a 26'in tube. Thanks for the help in advance.
start around 88.0gr and work up. I got to 89.0 and 90.0gr with the 216clinch river with super results.
I have great results with 94 grains of Retumbo. BTW, I moly my 200 gr Accubonds though.

If you can't find Retumbo, 95 gr of RL-25 works even better for me.

Retumbo; Because of 95.5 grs of Retumbo behind a 200gr NoslerAccubond for a solid 3,200FPS. I killed my first California Black bear,last sunday late afternoon in Klamath National Forest.I went with guidsthat used hounds.It was awsome,never hiked so hard in such rugged wilderness in my life.Chasing after dogs after they bark the bark that says they have treed a bear.Bear I shot with the 300RUM was about 100yds,100 feet up a big *** tree.First shot shattered both his shoulders,secound I think broke his back,guide said fire agian and I aim at his back agian and he went flibing end over end to the forest rocky creek at the bottom of a huge canyon we had to hike down into.Soon as I figure out how to post pixs,I'll do so.Bear was about 200+lbs.Felt i could of done the same thing with a 30-04 or even a 308,too much gun,but it was sooooo fun.
I have been using Retumbo powder and Accubond 160 grain in my 30-378 wetherby and have had great success. I now have a request on anyone that has any loading data on a 7mm using Retumbo with Accubond 140 grain. I need to know how many grains of Retumbo powder to use??
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