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Here is something to think about. If you have a rifle that sets it limits to 800 yards I have an idea for the scope for you. The NXS with the np 1rr. The range finder is right on the moneywith 9" or 18" targets or target areas! The center cross hair is very fine and the lighted reticle solves the lowlight question. I have used this scope for one full season and for the quality of optics it is first rate, as far teh the other options I feel these scope more than make up for the large price tag. I have had some discussions with others on here comparing the quality of optics and they have a point. BUT the range finding reticle and the illumination are second to non.
For target shooting, I like a fine crosshair/dot reticle a lot, but that combination did not work for me on game in low light. I would have to second the illuminated reticle suggestion. This is my preference as it allows a fine reticle, which is required for long range, but also gives enough visibility in lower light situations.

Five years ago, I wanted Heavy Duplex reticle. A year ago, I wanted Mil-Dot reticle. This year, I want Fine Crosshair. I'm not going to tell you which one is best. It varies. I'm thinking of purchasing a fine reticle for Ultra LR rifle but it worries me a little. If you aim a game at longer distance, standing beside those trees which are dark colour, will you be able to see the fine crosshair? What if you have 15 minutes of light left, can you see the fine crosshair? Could it be a problem? Will it show "the gold colour" in fine crosshair like Heavy Duplex? (like Leupold).
Don't tell me which reticle is best.

I just want to know the PROS and CONS for fine reticle.

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For target work, I like the dot. For long range deer (in my limited eperience) the dot and fine crosshair don't work in low light or in brush or tall grass. I switched to a fine duplex and it was the perfect combination. Plenty fine enough for the longest shots but with the advantage of the heavier part of the plex for easy acquisition of game.
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