Replacement for rl-26 7mm rem mag


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Jun 26, 2011
Bettles Field, AK
In my 338LMAI N570 is slower than RL33 by just a bit, but not as slow as RL50. All are slower than RL26. I need RL26 burn speed when shooting 250-285 grain loads for the best accuracy/consistency/speed results. I've used RL50, RL33, N570, H50BMG, US869, and once H1000 with 300 grain Bergers and SMKs; the first five were quite satisfactory. However, I haven't a clue what any will do in any seven; I use RL22 in my M70 270s and have for 25 years.

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Oct 21, 2013
Monroe, Newhampshire
Made up some loads tonight with the 180 eld and rl-25. Loaded 68.2 and 68.7. Bullets were no longer stable like they were at 70 degrees and my 9.5 twist would no longer stabilize them at 30 degrees. Anyway, 68.2 yielded 2921 fps and 68.7 gave 2952. No pressure whatsoever. Groups were really bad. I know I was on my game because I shot my normal 162 eld load and that gave me a .462 moa group an 3146 fps.


Aug 8, 2021
Has anyone tried the Alliant Magpro? I read good things about it on here a few months back. I have some but have not tried it in 7mm. Just asking, that's all.
I've fired around 400 rounds with magpro in my 7rem mag 26in 1:9
Best results were with 168MKs speeds are great there. I wanted to shoot 175-190s so I throated it .185 and got great velocities but cant verify accuracy since I now get mad carbon ring after 20 rounds. I still have 8lbs of it and not sure where to go from here. I'm getting 2800-3000 with 70.3g depending on seating depth and carbon fouling. Lol
2920-2950 @69.7
175 ELD-X
And with 190 bergers
66.5g gave me the best results @2880ish.
Had heavy bolt lift with 175s and 72.5g @ 3050
Heavy bolt lift with 190s happened with 68g @2940
So my speed at 70.3 and 66.5 are right where I want to be but unless I can figure out how to prevent or drastically reduce the carbon ring I cant gather accuracy. Some advice for my situation would be great.
Changing powders I know might help but I have 8 lbs of magpro and alot of data with it. So maybe increased neck tension or deeper seating. Hoping for some sound advice before wasting anymore components
Hope this helps.
BTW prior to throating magpro did not carbon foul my throat but I also couldnt chamber long bullets either without half the bullet in my case. 🇺🇸


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Dec 3, 2010
Lake Tahoe, Calif.
So apparently rl-26 has fallen off the face of the earth. Which is a shame because I had a great load worked up for my rifle. Anyhow, what would be a good replacement that would give me decent velocity and fairly stable? I shoot in anywhere from below 0 to 85 degrees depending on the time of year. I used to run rl-22 and it gave me great results, but I've read its unstable. Powders on my list of possibilities that I can get local are rl-22, rl-25, h1000, and retumbo. Will be shooting 162-180 class bullets.
First off, RL-22 may be less temp stable but you said it gave you great result. But if you want to change from 26, H1000 is great. Read Cal Zant's Precision Rifle Blog on the 168 Bergers and H1000....Coincidentally I had gotten into this combo when wrote the article and need I say his writings are spot on?

I have not found other powders to give the same top end velocities as RL-26 but 100-150fps difference isn't enough for me to worry about when I'm disappointed if they don't all go into the same hole @100, < .5 MOA @500 in changing breezes of 2 - 10 mph out of a stock Savage. The Berger VLDH and VLDCH are both easy to load for...not especially depth sensitive. Lots of articles on it, espeically Bryan Litz's explain.