Replace Your Bubble Level With An Electronic One !!!!

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    Jan 31, 2011
    Hi All

    BV56 Beiter Bubble for Scope. - Quicks Archery.

    Having bought the Red Bubble in a Black Housing, which required the Base sanding flat - a small Locating Lug is moulded on the bottom to lock it into the Compound Scope.

    I put a piece of Wet 240 Grit Wet & Dry on my Kitchen Work Top and rotated the Mount while sanding until the Bubble was central in all directions.

    A strip of bl;ack plastic is then superglued to the bottom - Bubble not fitted at this stage.

    Superglue this Assembly to the rear of the Scope Weaver Rail and fit the Bubble - About an Hours Work in total.

    This is a cheap & easy £8 DIY solution to the Canting Problem.





    During a long search through numerous Forums, I came across this - - Online Store

    So I ordered 1.

    First job was to find a suitable size Nut to araldite into the Hotshoe Mount.

    A nice M6 Stainless NyLoc was lying around, so, drill 3mm, 6mm, 10mm.

    The Hotshoe is hollow so a sharp knife can be used to fine tune the fit.

    Fill the threads with grease and araldite away.


    Put a long 6mm Bolt into the Nut to use as a Guide for Vertical / Horizontal Alignment.

    Next, drill the Weaver Rail as appropriate to your SetUp.

    Mine is under the Scope Power Adjustment.


    Drill 3mm, 4mm, then 5mm & Tap M6.

    Take Care as the Cocking Rope is right under where you are Drilling / Tapping, so beware of Swarf.

    Fit an M6 Stainless Bolt into the Digital Level and EyeBall the length required.

    Cut the Bolt & file smooth.

    Araldite into the Weaver Rail so the Level is at about 10 O'Clock.

    File the base of the nut until the Level is True.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]



    This is a Labour Intensive DIY Mod, but due to the 3 Tiny Screws in the base of the Digital Level which need to be accessible to change the Batteries (Spares Included) I couldn't think of any easier methods that were as Sexy.