Remington Ti original .260 Ackley FS


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Jul 6, 2011
As the title states, original Ti model for sale. McMillan Edge stock, Brown with Red pad, LOP 13.5", Original factory barrel, less than 100 rounds, punched out to .260 Ackley, Action trued, Modified to fit Wyatt's box but regular remington in now, Non J-lock firing pin assembly, unknown Smith, I'm not original owner. Excellent shape, will include Talley rings-1", weighs 5lbs 5ozs as it sits with Talleys

Includes 36 rounds loaded ammo in new Lapua brass, regular .260 not AI and not fired yet with 127 LRX bullet
Redding Dies
Another 60 or so Lapua brass, some new and primed, some once fired
Original J-lock firing pin

Shows promise with the LRX bullet and Berger when shot with new brass for fireforming, I have not shot it with any AI brass full power loads yet

Looking for $1850 shipped tyd


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