Remington SR-8 .338Lapua

Yet it will take a .375 or .338 RUM?

I have no real understanding of pressure but I would have thought that it should not a any real problem.

Can you explain this better to me?
GA Precision builds them all the time, Chris or George would be the ones to talk to. George knows quite a bit about the SR8 as well.

I've got a 30-338 Lapua Imp, my Brother has a 338/378 WBY, both on the Remington 700.

S1 at build a 30-338 Lapua Imp as well, calls it the 30 WOLF.

Good luck with the project.
Great topic to start an argument! LOL!!!

Some feel that the Remmy can't handle it, I really don't understand why, since like you have mentioned Remmy themselves built the SR-8. It was never put into production because of lack of interest and production costs. HS Precision-considered to be a "custom" action is **** near an exact Remmy copy in looks and dimensions and they build a bunch of Lapuas, as do I.
My wife shoots a 338 Lapua on a Remmy.
I just noticed that we have this rifle on our national cataloge, and wanted to learn a little about it.

I could find very little on the web, does anyone know anything about this rifle?
the only site that had comments said it was only a prototype, but since it's on our catalog it must have been produced.

At the very least it might mean that if it is based on a 700 action I can build one as long as I maintain the original specs.

Ok. Update.
This project was commissioned for the Italian Army, and it seems that the rifle never went into production. Now need to find out if one can be built by a smith here...
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