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Feb 3, 2010
Hello folks, new to the forum and new to long range shooting. I am looking into buying a rifle especially for long range hunting (coyotes) out to 1000yds (eventually). I have been looking at the SPS Tactical and the price and reported accuracy really appeal to me. The things that don't appeal to me are the short barrel (low velocity in a .308) and the caliber. I would prefer to have a big magnum, but maybe a .308 would be good for low recoil.

Just wanted to get an expert's opinion on if this rifle could "do it" from 100-1000. I know with that short barrel it would produce some pretty low velocities, i don't know what kind of base/rings you would have to get. The concept of 20 MOA bases is pretty new to me. Just looking at ballistic charts at 1000yds my load would drop 427 inches. I guess that means 42 MOA (roughly) so would a 20 MOA base do it?

thanks for your input
Hi Shane,
Bit of a problem here in the matter of reduced velocities in a 308; it won't get you to a 1000 yards. You'll need something that will keep it's bullets supersonic all the way out, and that calls fro longer barrels and heavier bullets in the 308. Execptions to this would be the 155 grain 308 Palma bullets, but that only applies with a very long (29"-30") barrels and some pretty stiff loads. You might take a look at some of the smaller bore sizes (6, 6.5, or even 7mm) with some of the higher BC bullet designs. These should allow you to hit the 1000 yard mark with manageble recoil and decent accuracy, even with a somewhat shorter barrel.

Hope this helps,

Kevin Thomas
Lapua USA
Thanks Kevin,

That's a little disappointing, as that is a really affordable rifle. I may have to look into a 700p, I think those come in 300RUM. :D
Sorry to put it this way, Shane, but as they say, it is what it is. The physics involved in exterior ballistics are cold, hard and pretty unrelenting task masters. Take a look at some of the smaller bore diameters I mentioned, and play with them on an exterior ballistics program a bit. See what you can get for velocities from various combinations and see which of those remain supersonic at the 1000 yard line. That should narrow the field down a bit, and give you some good candidates for the task.


Expanded my search out to the Savage 110FP and found a guy selling one in 7mm Rem Mag for $525, with an EGW 20 MOA base.

Good thing is I'm already set up to reload this caliber, and it'll sling a 162gr AMAX to 1000 and still hold 1500fps...... tempting. Not a big Savage fan, but I know they're accurate rifles.
They may not be quite as sexy as some of the others on the market, but I think Savage's are probably the best value fro the money out there today. Seems like most shoot far better than you'd have a right to expect, and I'd NEVER turn my nose up (you know, Obama style) at one.

That 7mm Mag will do what you're looking for, no sweat.

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