SOLD/EXPIRED Remington Sendero 300 RUM w/ Leupold 6.5x20 LRT for sale


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Dec 9, 2007
Burlington, WA
Remington Sendero 300 RUM w/ Leupold 6.5x20 LRT - SOLD

I'm going for a full custom build so up for sale is my very accurate Remington Sendero SFII in 300 Remington Ultra Mag.

Price is $1895, here is what is included:

Remington Sendero .300 RUM, with factory box
Defensive Edge Muzzle Break by Shawn Carlock
Leupold 6.5x20 LRT, 30mm tube, 50mm objective, side focus paralax
Night Force 2-piece 20 MOA base
Warne Rings
Butler Creek Scope Covers
RCBS two piece reloading dies w/shellholder, set up for this rifle/load/bullet
35 pieces of preped Remington brass
Field verified drop charts to 1000 yards

Not included are the ACI, anti-cant level , or bi-pod. If you wanted me to leave the ACI and level on the rifle add $150 but I'd prefer to keep them.

This rifle shoots lights out, sub-MOA to 1000 yards. I bought this rifle new in December 2007 after being bitten by the long range bug and after much research on this site. The rifle is stock except for a Defensive Edge muzzle break installed by Shawn Carlock and a tuned factory trigger that breaks cleanly at 2.5 lbs. The HS precision stock has a full length aluminum bedding block and palm swell psitol grip. The scope is a Leupold 6.5x20 Long Range Target 30mm body, 50mm objective, side focus paralax adjustment, fine duplex crosshair.

This system was set up for long-range elk hunting, and my prefered load is 92.5 grains of Retumbo, Rem Brass, Federal 215's, and 200 grain accubonds at 3100 fps which shoots just over .5" at 100 yards. You'll notice the velocity in the target below averages about 3075 but the speed has increased to 3100 as the barrel broke in (ES is very low with this load, notice ES of 7 fps in that group below). The rifle also shoots the Accubonds and R25 very well at 3150 fps into .5" groups at 100 yards but I prefered the Hodgen extreme powder for it's stability in different temperatures. These loads were cronographed near sea-level in Western Washington so velocity should increase in most other areas.

Also included is the RCBS two piece reloading dies and shellholder, 35 rounds of preped brass and scope covers. Round count down the tube is under 200. I followed a standard shoot/clean break in proceedure and always carefully clean with a bore guide after a session at the range of 15-20 rounds. The bore is excellent and cleans up easily with Boretech Eliminator. Putting this package together new is over $2500, so $1895 and the fact you know what you are getting a proven accurate rifle and the load development is done for you.

Please e-mail with any additional questions. Thanks for looking.





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How is the recoil on this rifle? Probably overkill for what I need, but dont mind that, just dont want to destroy my shoulder playing around with it, thanks
With the Defensive Edge brake it is very comfortable to shoot, I would put it somewhere between a sporter weight .243 and .270. The other benefit is you can stay in the scope and spot your own shots at long range.
Dan, did you ever get the scope fixed? I remember you had an issue at 1000yrds and it being way to the right...
Yes, to answer both posts, the Leupold LRT adjusts in inches per hundred yards and the drop charts are calibrated to that. The scope did have a canted reticle that according to Leupold was within their specification of 3 degress, but at my request they realigned it to 0 degrees and the issue was solved. You gotta love that Leupold lifetime warranty. I also installed and use an anti-cant level which I believe was contributing to the problem of shooting to the right at extreme range.
I've been corresponding with one gentleman in particular, but no sale as of yet. We were e-mailing tonight and I need to wait for his reply. I'll post an update once I hear back from him. Thanks for all the interest and I believe I've replied by PM to all who have inquired.