Remington Sendero 300 RUM. Fully Accurized, Custom Load, Drops, Etc.


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Jan 19, 2012

I am the original owner of this Remington Sendero 300 RUM. Excellent shape and has less than 80 rounds down the tube.


Work performed by Hunt The Distance
Fully Bedded
Vias Muzzle Brake
Wyatt's Extended Box
Jewell Trigger
Custom Ammo - Have the load data. Sale will include 65 loaded ammo and 31 pieces of brass.
Velocity - Shoots the 230 Grain Bergers at 2,980 fps.
Drop Data - Have this data and is plugged into my Gunwerks Rangefinder. Verified to past 1,000 yards.
Custom Paint
Rail on the fore end for bipod
Flush cups installed

I have included a picture of the load work up. Velocity is 2,980 with an Extreme spread of 5 FPS. Rifle is crazy accurate. I have included two 100 yard targets and a 200 yard target.

The 200 yard target shows a fouler shot and then two shots (those two shots touching), then moved the scope 2 clicks and fired 3 shots. I don't have the calipers on these 3 shots at 200 yards, but you can see that it is a tight group.

The drop data has been verified way out and it is plugged into my rangefinder. New owner will get all of this data for their setup. In essence, this rifle just needs a scope and is turn key from there.

I typically keep rifles forever, but have run out of room in the safe and have some customs coming together. I have never had this rifle in the field; just at the range a few times.

I live in Austin, Texas and my phone number is 512-632-3198. Happy to do a face to face if that works better for anyone.

Asking $1,600 plus shipping.

Bryan Lewis

IMG_1484.jpg IMG_1481.jpg IMG_1477.jpg IMG_1480.jpg IMG_1478.jpg IMG_1467.jpg



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Jan 19, 2012
Remington's website shows an average weight of 8.5 lbs for this rifle.

I just weighed myself on my scale (a good one) with and without the rifle. I show a weight of 8.6 lbs.

Hope that helps.


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