SOLD/EXPIRED Remington SA and build parts for sale

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    Jan 14, 2009
    I got all these parts for a build but am now going in another direction. The barrel and action have been coated with flat black Norrel Molly. It's all at the gunsmith's shop right now disassembled so I don't have many pictures, but the ones I do have show the barreled action coating and stock colors when it was all together. All prices include shipping.

    Action: Early 90's model Remington S/A with hinged floorplate, mag box and follower. 308 Bolt Face $450

    Barrel: Remington 308 AAC-SD 1/10 twist barrel 20" threaded with chrome end cap. Less than 200 rounds fired. Can give some load info with it 165$

    Trigger: Older Style adjustable 3 screw trigger 60$

    Stock: HS precision stock with aluminum block. Has been devcon bedded. 225$
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