remington mod 504 .22 lr


Sep 25, 2009
Going to get my remington mod 504 .22lr in a few days, was wondering if any of us here have used it before? just wanted to know what type of ammo it prefers for hunting small game, and how it shoots overall? gun)
Thanx mate for your suggestion it was really help full, I got my rem 504 few weeks back , with 3-9 by 40 leaupold, went out to the range and tryied a lot of hollow points, well mine preffers win power points I must say I am more than happy with the way it shoots, i have shoot it at 50 and 75 yards and it is giving me very tight groups, with 2 or 3 going through the same hole when i fired 5 at each target, I know one thing for sure that the bunny is going no where when i squize the trigger.gun)
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