SOLD/EXPIRED Remington M700 Sendero--REDUCED to $525

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    Model 700 Sendero, matte blue, pre-lock, .270 Win. Rifle is "as new" without box, but will ship in a plastic hard case. Rifle has had 8 rounds fired through it( was a friend's rifle--zeroed and returned to safe 4 years ago) I have skim bedded the HS stock with marine-tex, completely disassembled and polished all internal trigger parts and installed a Holland spring kit, and recut and polished the crown. It promises to be a great shooter, but I'd like to sell it to buy Darryl's 1000 yd gun. It is as clean a gun as you will find, guaranteed. $525 shipped with hard case in CONUS/ pics available....
    Chris Jamison
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    BTT-gotta move--Reduced to $525
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    May 7, 2001

    It's a wonder someone hasn't jumped all over that rifle by now.

    I have two friends that had the 270 Sendaro and they were real good longrange hunting rifles.
    One of them was owned by an ex sniper in Virginia that I use to go and shoot groundhogs with. He used it for deer to 700 plus yards and used the 135 gr bullet.

    The other was a fellow that shoot 1000 yd matches at Williamsport and won a match or two in the light guns (years ago) with one of them.

    Someone will jump on that puppy soon.


    Is that a 26" barrel on that one?

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    Someone just did--- SOLD-- Darryl, I'll take your rifle. Phone call on the way....Chris