Remington M700 .300 Tomahawk For Sale

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    OK guys --Heres the deal-- I have my .300 Tomahawk built by Ray Romain for sale--I have shifted my entire rifle arsenal toward the tactical style rifles like Dave King likes so much. I have aquired a Nor-Cal Precision NightHawk from WyoWhisper in .300RUM and the Tommy is kinda just been sitting in the safe. Here are the specs--
    .300 Tomahawk
    M700 Stainless action with Holland tuned factory trigger(Jewell available for extra$$)
    Action completely trued and lapped with pinned Holland recoil lug
    RDP Rifles 30MOA scope base w/ 8-40 Screws
    30" Hart Fluted HV taper SS barrel with KDF Brake
    SS Holland Trigger Guard
    Holland HV Laminated Stock Pillar bedded with Marine-Tex and aluminum pillars
    Weighs 16.5 # with Leupold LR 8.5-25x50 and Badger Ord Rings
    Redding Dies, 100 pcs Brass, approx. 250--240 gr SMK's
    Here are the options on pricing--
    Rifle with base, dies, brass, bullets--$2000.00
    Rifle with base, dies, brass, bullets, Badger rings and 8.5-25x50 Leupold LRT (side focus, 30mm, target dot)--$2750.00
    With all of the above plus Jewell trigger set at 8 oz.--$2950.00
    Rifle has approximately 100 rds thru it--I'll ck my book for the exact count....Here is a pic--I have more for anyone that is interested...

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    I have a hankerin' for an Ed Brown Kobra Carry .45ACP in stainless steel. I will trade the rifle for the pistol. Will consider trades on other custom 1911 pistols. (Ed Brown, Les Baer, Wilson Combat). Let me know what you have....

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    BTT with trade offer...
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    Feb 22, 2002
    Chris, I sent you an email, if you did not get it, let me know here on this forum.
    Thanks GEG
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    Grady--Got the email--reply sent... let me know soon---the trade commences next week if you don't want it....