Remington LTR .223?


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Jun 25, 2003
Aussie in Italy
I have just put a deposit down on a Remington 700 Police Light Tactical Rifle in .223, I've heard some good things about these rifles so can anyone here tell me more?
No doubt it'll get an airing on roe? You owe it to yourself to try 2 bullets:- the 55gr sierra gameking BTSP and the Hornady 60gr SP. Both work really well on roe
I've had one, nice light(er) rifle. Mine probably wasn't a good sample, the chamber was a little off-canter and the extracted/expended cases were egg shaped at the case mouth. The rifle shot suprisingly well but I couldn't reload for it. I sold it to a fella that didn't really care to reload and he was happy with it despite the off-center chamber(???)
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