Remington African Plains Rifle .300 RUM

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Jun 10, 2007
I've got an opportunity to trade a Sako 75 6mm ppc usa for a Rem. APR .300 RUM.

I don't know much about these Custom Shop rifles, I hear they are supposed to be more accurate than most off the shelf guns. Can anyone tell me more about the APR, and if I should follow up on it?

There is also a NIB .300 RUM sendero II to be had. I can't decide if I should keep my Sako and just buy the sendero, or swap for the Plains rifle. I feel that I could get more use out of an accurate .300RUM than my PPC, the only varmints I spend/waste much time and energy on are deer.
If you shoot for "fun", stay with the 6mm. If you shoot for "fur", go with the .300.

You probably know this, but the APR is a hunting rifle----unless you enjoy getting knocked around by recoil, you probably won't like shooting it very much. The laminated stock is very stiff and transmits all the recoil to the shooter.

The Sendero is more pleasant to shoot, due to slightly higher weight and the stock absorbs just a bit of the recoil.

I have experience with several 300 RUM Senderos as well as the 338 RUM Sendero, and several 300 RUM and 338 RUM hunting weight rifles with synthetic and wood stocks-----the Senderos are somewhat more comfortable to shoot--especially from a rest.

Thanks. I think what I want is more of a heavy bench or prone type rifle vs. another hunting rifle. Think I'll keep my PPC. I've shot that apr a few times, it isn't terrible, but not at all fun either. I'll keep looking.
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