SOLD/EXPIRED Remington 788 (.308) and Canjar Trigger



Big Sky I sent you an email.
I want it!!!!

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I have a Remington model 788 in .308 caliber. The metal on the rifle is in excellent shape (darn near new looking.) The wood is in fair shape the original owner fancied himself a wood worker and let's just say he wasn't that good. Like I said the though, the metal is excellent, there not even the slightest wear around the muzzle or anything. The trigger didn't work on this rifle when I obtained it so I ordered a brand new Canjar deluxe trigger for it. The trigger is still in the box. I'm selling both the rifle and trigger together for $375.00+shipping. That is a really good price considering the trigger alone (if you can find one) is $150.00, so you are actually only paying $225.00 for a rifle in excellent condition. I'm not interested in splitting the trigger and the rifle up. So if you've been looking for a really sweet deal on a 788, this is it folks. Email me if your interested.