Remington 7600 LS 25-06 1:300 Lipsey's Exclusive Ultra rare!


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Sep 28, 2010
Selling a Grice's (correction from title) Exclusive Remington 7600 LS (Black and gray laminate stock) in hard to find in this model... 25-06. This is one of 300 made in 2003 and is in excellent shape. Less than 10 rounds fired. There is virtually no wear on the action bluing demonstrating the like new condition. Comes with 1" matching gloss rings and bases. Must go from a non-ffl (me) to your FFL dealer. If you have any questions please ask. Layaway is an option. 30%down and the rest within 60 days . Thanks for looking.

$1599+$40 shipping 20220523_200731_copy_2000x1500.jpg 20220523_200736_copy_2000x1500.jpg 20220523_200734_copy_2000x1500.jpg 20220523_200827_copy_2000x1500.jpg 20220523_200831_copy_2000x1500.jpg 20220523_200810_copy_2000x1500.jpg 20220523_200821_copy_2000x1351.jpg 20220523_200807_copy_1993x871.jpg 20220523_200824_copy_2000x1057.jpg 20220523_200748_copy_2000x1083.jpg
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