Remington 700 PRS $1100 or $1800 Turnkey


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For Sale:

Remington 700 in .260 Remington, set up as a PRS rifle. It consists of the following:

New Remington 700 receiver (not trued)
Criterion M24 contour barrel, 25.5 inches long, SS, 1:8 twist, threaded (160 rounds down the tube, no hand loads, on Federal GMM or Federal Sierra Game Kings).
Badger Tactical Bolt Knob (not pictured, has the old fluted one on there)
McMillan A5, adjustable stock, flush cups
PTG Bottom Metal with one AICS 5 round Mag
Timney 510 trigger breaks at 2.5lbs
Custom muzzle brake by my smith in Georgia (duracoated gunmetal gray)
All metal Duracoated matte black
Weight 14lbs with no scope or bipod

$1100 plus shipping

I can make it turn key with the following (as pictured)
SWFA SS Scope, FFP, MIL/MIL, 3-15x42
Weaver 20 MOA base
Warne 30mm Rings
Snake Eater Tactical sling with flush swivel studs for flush cups
Harris Bipod
Coyote Brown Drag Bag
140 cases of 1x fired brass (Federal)

$1800 plus shipping

Prefer Paypal for payment, but open to MO or certified check. Shipping from my FFL in Macon, Georgia (of FTF if your in georgia) to your FFL. Reason for selling is I have two full custom rifles coming back from the smith, and I signed up for the Mammoth sniper challenge in fort gordon georgia, so I need funds for PRS gear.

Please text 786-442-4045 (i know its a Miami number, I am in Georgia)

F83D2D91-E5D7-4CD9-9D91-3A3B3C262BBE.jpeg DBE36619-976E-41F6-868C-1D0B1E40B650.jpeg CAC1A174-DCA5-4234-94D5-7F95F33CBE47.jpeg 0A4AE563-AAB3-4B43-A0E0-63DDDD77EE9E.jpeg

5 shot group at 100 yards with Federal 142 grain Sierra Game Kings


3 shot group at 100 yards with Federal 142 grain Sierra Game Kings, then I dialed .3 mil for a 1st hit bullseye.
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Thanks remmy. I adjusted the price a little, so bump.