SOLD/EXPIRED remington 700 Custom, 300 stw caliber


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Dec 30, 2004
far east montana
700 Remington stainless action blueprinted by Stephens Accuracy
Pacnor crome moly, 3 groove 10 twist, 26",.645 muzzle
Installed By Stephens Accuracy
Hi tech stock, pillar bedded, 13.5" l.o.p.
7.9 lbs noscope, Tally Lightweights
have custom dies, brass, bullets, 200gr accubonds,
longer magazine box installed
appx, 276 rounds, gun has honest hunting wear from being
my primary hunting rifle last few years,
gun shoots 200 gr accubond little over 3000 fps, also custom turret for Leupold m1 turrets included,has shot many 1/2 moa groups out to 800 yards on paper, 900.00 shipped with dies brass loaded ammo and bullets,

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