Remington 700 5R .308 or Remington 700 5R .300 Win Mag???

39.1gr of Varget, with no pressure signs at all.

If you ever want more velocity try RL17 or VV N-550. You'll see we'll over 2600 with R17, even 2700 with a 26" barrel but it takes 48-50 grains which means they have to be loaded very long. I find that N550 settles better and takes less to see 2600. I can easily load them to fit the Wyatt box on my 700 with .025" to spare. You can't reach the same speeds as R17 with N550 without seeing pressure but all things considered, it's a better load. I just shot a .297" 3 shot at 100 yards today with one rifle and a .016 the other day with my other rifle. I also shot a 2" group at 300 yards today which considering the wind, snow and fog was quite a feat. This load consistently shoots exceptionally well. My best 300 yard group was with this load. 0.268".
Thanks for all the info guys. .308 it is! and that is why i want the .308 to make me perfect my skills since it is less forgiving than sending a 300 grainer down range at 2,700fps! i want to become better and the .308 will make me do that! If you would mudrunner2005 private message me. Got a couple questions to ask ya.
I have a Remington 5r in 300 Mag and am more than Happy with it. The most accurate out of the box rifle I have ever seen. The gun will out shoot the shooter. I can consistently get under 1/2 inch groups with it and usually get .3-.35 inch groups with it. I almost got one in 308 but went with the 300 instead. I did this because I wanted a long range hunting rifle. Don't get me wrong the 308 is very accurate and is a good big game cartridge out to 600 or 700 yards, but I wanted a rifle that could take big game out to 1000 yards or so.
Thanks man. I went with the .308. Got it about two months ago. So far I've got it down to .7-1moa @100 yards. That's on factory federal gold medal match in 7.62x51, same as the XM118LR our military snipers shoot. I'm shooting a 10 gauge sheet metal gong at 600 yards and penetrating it so I know I have plenty of terminal energy left to kill an animal at that distance and beyond.


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Very cool. Glad you went with the 308. I have a Sendero 300 win, similar to the 5R and I love it but love the little brother version better. I know .7-1 MOA will improve if you lighten the trigger, bed the stock and put a razor sharp crown on it. I used fed gold medal for a while with stellar results except for terminal performance. I had quite a few pencil holes for exits. If it wasn't for open country, I probably would have lost game with them. Amax's and Accubonds solved that problem. The 11.25 twist is perfect for 190 VLDs, should you opt to reload, it may prove to be a good combo. I was getting a bit north of 2650 with the 190 SMK with mine. I can't wait for the 190 ALR. I think it will be THE 308 win bullet for long range hunting. From everything I've read other ALRs are opening up very fast and at lower velocities. Kind of like the Amax but with more weight and BC than the 178 offers with a bit better retention.

Keep us posted!

The gun is skim bedded with marine-tex an 1.5" or so past the recoil lug into the barrel channel. The gun has a timney 510 trigger installed set at 2.5lbs. The .7-1moa is what I achieved after doing all that. Before was about 1.5-2moa!
What are the "ALR" bullets? Yes I am setup to reload. Just bought the fgmm for convenience and to see what the gun was capable of. Those shots on the gong were at 600 yards. First five shots out of the gun at 600, all five hits. Two in the same crater.
They're a lot sleeker and have a very aggressive boat tail than the original ACCUBOND and are easier to expand. They have a much less velocity requirement for expansion. Nosler stated 1300 FPS. From the results guys have been seeing, its quite possible that 1300' is a reality. They also are making them in non traditional hunting weights. For 30 cal they're offering 190 and 210 grain. The published BCs are way high but the real world BC of the 210 is very close to the 210 berger VLD. They still have a plastic tip but they are softer than the original.

With that in mind, a 190 with a decent BC and low velocity for expansion requirement is a win/win for the 308. Maybe not so much for a larger magnum but definitely for a slower chambering. The Amax has always been a great 308 bullet since they expanded at lower velocities but lacked a decent BC until the 208 was released. It's still a great option for the 308 but I like a bit less recoil than what the 208s generate, especially at the charge weights it takes to make using them worthwhile. I find the 190 grain class of bullets to be a solid balance between recoil, accuracy, windage and energy. Also the 190 in an 11x or 11.25x barrel is about as optimum as is gets for stability factors. Not too fast, not too slow. 11.25 works ok for the 210s at 308 velocities but is on the low side.
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