Remington 547, tikka, Bergara???

Ugly Dog

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Dec 19, 2022
Thinking of a new to me rimfire. Bergara, tikka, remington 547. What is your experience with each one and what do you like and what don’t you like?
Have a Tikka T1X. Have lightened the trigger (simple to adjust and I may have put a lighter trigger spring in but honesty that was couple of years ago...). The trigger is very crisp and clean, bolt is smooth and cycles nice, 60 degree bolt throw which makes for quicker action cycling.

Great all around rifle. Not anything I can honestly say that I dislike about it.

It's not ammo fussy & have placed the action into a Tikka Roughtech Ember stock (dressed it up a bit) and now that the barrel is completely free floating, it's navigated toward shooting RWS rifle match really well. In the factory stock it would shoot CCI SV, SK Standard + and SK Flatnose target very decently among those options.

Have read several places that the Bergara is an accurate rifle and being on the Remington 700 platform it will have a myriad of accessories at the ready. Haven't shot one personally tho...
I only have the tikka, but I do have 3 of them
1 17 hmr 20”
And 1 of each in the 22 lr
They all shoot very well for me

I didn’t see a need to search much more
I think they are a good value for what I got

There are a lot of nice rimfires out there
I see that as a good problem

Enjoy the hunt on purchasing 1
I know people who like their Tikka rimfires. Both pleased with them.

I've considered a Bergara barreled action because they offer a heavy barrel and I have a Varmiint stock I could drop it in for clients b level target fun.

I'm not familiar with the Remington rimfire.

CZ are popular for rimfires here because the Brno model 1 and 2 were highly regarded in Australia
I only have the Tikka, so I can't comment on the others. IMO it's a great rifle for the money, mine is accurate and shoots anything I've fed it well. I installed a Jard trigger on mine several years ago, at the time the safety lever had to be clearanced for the bolt, but well worth the effort. I think the new Jard triggers resolved this issue.