Rem700 LTR .308/AIAT/vortex

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    Feb 20, 2012
    F57B756E-958C-4E7D-87E6-9C65C95895D2.jpeg 199D0685-CF9D-4A37-9A88-B602D852B5F0.jpeg Hey guys I’ve got a Remington 700 Long Range Tactical .308 with 20” barrel that needs to get sold to fund another project.

    It’s sitting in an AIAT 1.5 non folding chassis with brand new Viper skins (seriously, less than a week old), with finger adjustable screws, and a Timney trigger.

    Comes with either a Vortex gen1 PST 6-24 EBR-2C FFP MIL/MIL or a Vortex HST VMR-1 SFP MOA/MOA scope (your choice) and will be mounted in Badger rings on a 20MOA rail.

    Will also include two 10 round and one 5 round Accurate Mags.

    Original AI skin with thumbhole adapter is currently cross posted but if available at time rifle sells will be included.

    Never got around to reloading for her but she LOVES the 168gn AMAX match rounds. About 250rnds down the barrel.

    Rifle only = $1950
    Rifle + HST = $2350
    Rifle + PST = $2550

    I’m always open to offers, worst I can do is say “no”. Bipod, pelican, and couch not included.
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