Rem XR-100 6BR


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Jul 27, 2008
Dawson Creek
I finally finished my 6BR project! It's been a long time coming!
It started out as a Rem XR-100 22-250 that shot great but the barrel shot out faster than I would've liked. I'd been planning a 6mm-284 project for a long time and had a Robertson Masterclass 1000 BR stock kicking around that was un-inletted. I built a couple .272" nk 6BR's for some guys and they seemed to be getting excellent results from them so I decided to take my XR and turn it into a BR.
Here's the breakdown of the gun:
XR-100 action blueprinted and bolt sleeved, firing pin hole bushed
Gre-Tan firing pin
Shillen BR trigger
Pac-Nor supermatch heavy Palma 6mm 1:8 twist 3 groove chambered to 6mmBR norma with a Pacific .272nk, .104" FB reamer. Chambered by Rod Schram at Rocky Mountain Rifles/Corlane Sporting Goods, Dawson Creek B.C.
Tubb recoil lug
Robertson Composites MasterClass 1000BR stock pillar bedded with(3) modified Score-High micrometer adjustible pillars

now here's some gun porn:)





15.2lbs with scope, bases & rings. Once the weather clears, I hope to get out and shoot it a little, its been snowing to beat hell lately:p
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