Rem 7STW brass question?


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Feb 25, 2008
G’day all,
I just opened my other bag of Remington 7STW 100 count and went to prime them all on my Primal Rights CPS unit and found that the primers (WLRM) will not bottom out.
So I grabbed my RCBS Universal hand primer and proceeded to start priming the cases….my hand got sore almost immediately. Anyway, after seating a few, I grabbed my depth mic and started measuring. I almost fell over, my first reading was .008”, then .0095” and finally .012”. I then grabbed the rounds I had already loaded, measuring them from the other bag, was about the same, .008”-.010” below flush.
I have never seen this on any brass before, normally I have shallow pockets that need addressing, not pockets that are too deep.
So, has anyone else seen this?
I have a feeling the pockets may open early.
What say you all?