Rem 783 Varmint Modifications - 6.5 PRC, GAP, SAUM chamber reaming & magazine work


Sep 23, 2020
Hello again everyone,
I'm not as new here as my first post makes me seem. I was quite active here about a decade ago, but life, women, kids happened, and I've been too broke to play for a while. . . .I've been getting by on Grand Dad's old hand me down rifle and still putting meet in the freezer though.
I'm looking to get some more range back into my game but funds are still a little tight, and firearm availability is terrible in my part of Canada . . .Canada in general is really short on rifles right now, apparently due to many things including Covid importing issues, but largely because gun hating Liberals have driven a lot of retailers out of the business.
So without getting too political, I'm stuck with the choice of fairly crappy rifles with plastic stocks and super short thin barrels, in small calibers.

There is one stand out though. The 783 varmint is offered with a 26" medium barrel and what appears to be a decent laminate varmint style stock; and for only a few $$ more than the base model. The only thing is that it comes in 6.5 Creedmoor (and .308win, but those are indefinitely out of stock)

So, I guess what I'm looking for is opinions on how fast I can drive a 129 ABLR or a 143 ELD-X and if either of those would be good options for 100-450 yard deer (they grow them BIG up here, think 300lbs live weight) I could possibly live with the Creedmore. . . for a while.
BUT More Importantly, can I reasonably consider sending that 100% factory rifle off to a smith and having the bolt head opened up to accommodate a magnum rim, rechamber the barrel for a 6.5 PRC, SAUM, GAP, and get it to feed from the mag?

Any thought's? ? ?

I know I could get a new bolt head and bottom metal from PTG, and then new mags . . . but the bolt head and bottom metal are both extremely pricy once they get translated into Canadian dollars. And I'm not a fan of super long mags that hang way down. 1 in the chamber and 3 in the mag is about all I could ever want, and I don't know of any matching mags that are that short.

Any advice, help? Much appreciated

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