REM 7400 30-06


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Oct 14, 2009
Eastern NC
I have a Remington 7400 in 30-06 Springfield with scope and lots of magazines for sale for a buddy that unfortunately needs to liquidate some items to free up cash.

He has owned this gun a very long time, and at one point tried to add his personal touch with camo. Most of that paint has worn off and he can remove the rest of the paint before it ships if the buyer wants him to. Seems to come off pretty easily with some elbow grease and WD40.

Leupold rings and base, Tasco 3x9x40 OLD scope and is a good scope for a Tasco. 4 ten round and two 5 round clips (is what I think the capacities are, they might be a few less capacity each as I don't have any 30-06 ammo to load into them to verify but I can verify to buyer if needed)

Gun with scope is $350 plus $50 case and shipping so $400 for the gun, scope and one 10 round magazine.

Magazines can be sold with the gun or separately.
10 rounds are $35 each plus shipping unless you buy them all.
5 round magazines are $75 each plus shipping unless you buy both.

All of the magazines are $250 shipped.

If you want everything, gun, scope and magazines, the combo price is $600 shipped. Gun will ship to your FFL and the scope and magazines will ship directly to the address you desire unless you want all of it going tot he FFL, then it will ship together.

I have not done a serial number search on when this gun was built, but the serial number is 8481832 if the date is important to you. Gun has been owned by my friend for a very long time. Round count is unknown, but he used it as a hunting gun, so not many rounds fired each year and he has not shot it in over a decade.




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