SOLD/EXPIRED Rem 700 Trigger, And Some Factory & Custom Barrels FS/T

edward hogan

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May 7, 2003
Here is a Brand New, Remington 700 Old Style trigger complete and ready to install; gunsmith set at 2.25lbs Perfect $85 shipped.

Also have BARRELS (prices do not include shipping):

#1) 24" Phosphate coated .22-250rem barrel in Varmint contour. Fired maybe 10rds, has custom recessed target crown. Perfect condition in all respects $95

#2) New unfired 7mm rem mag 24" factory BDL mag contour barrel. Perfect Condition, tapped for sights $75 (may also have a set of sights for extra $$).

#3) Used, excellent conditon 24" BDL blued .300win mag contour with front sight. About 200 rds fired bluing about 94%. Threads perfect. $70 w/front sight.

SPF #4 Unfired & Brand New Sendero SF Fluted 26" Stainless in .300 Win Mag Guaranteed perfect! $275 First model barrel, flutes are not tinted. These barrels were reportedly contract supplied so are superb shooters. Rifling and crown are perfect, threads perfect.

#5 .35 Whelen Ackley Improved 24.5" Montana Rifleman C-M 1:12 twist Perfect threads crown and bluing. About 50rds fired Heavy Sporter (#4) contour. $275 New Redding AI die set and Rem .35 Whelen Brass available to buyer.

#6 .35 Whelen Remington BDL factory 22" barrel excellent about 65rds fired. Bluing very good shows a bit of wear. $75 with front sight. Have RCBS die set and unfired brass available.

#7 .300Win mag Sendero heavy barrel Excellent bore, crown, and receiver threads. Was phosphated, had some scarring from removal so abrasions were removed and barrel was reblued. Looks great $85 fired about 200rds.

Also have some Trigger sears, safety parts, bolt lock lever, many Leupold mount sets, plus old style milled/machined followers in magnum and SA. (ETA: don't have any early safety levers with bolt locking bar.)

Email me at [email protected] if you want pix or to buy. Postal moneyorder or paypal (+3.25%) for trigger and parts.
Trades considered.
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I bought an an action from Mr. Hogan earlier this year for my 338 edge build. He's definately GTG! You can count on the items to be just as advertised.

Thanks Ed,

Complete Trigger is SPF
Barrels 3 & 7 are Pending
Used/like new .35whelen dies and 100pcs virgin brass are SPF

Will limit cost for USA shipping on any barrel to $10
Intl buyers pay actual cost

Hi Ray,

This is a Factory barrel. I believe the twist rate Remington uses is 1:14 which is great unless you want to shoot heavy match and VLD bullets. Might be able to go up to 68/69gr but 62gr is likely tops. I would think anything up to 55gr would be excellent.