Rem 700 SPS varmint stock????


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Nov 1, 2009
Cross Timbers MO
Ive recently purchased a rem 700 sps varmint and so far love the gun.Im just starting out with the long range hunting so i figured it will work for a starter gun.Im lookin for some opinions on a direct replacement aftermarket stock for it i dont wana spend a ton but i want a quality piece for. Or if ther is anything i can do to improve the existing stock to get me goin. Thanks for any opions!

I would recommend just throwing the stock out (or sell for a few bucks), it's real flimsy and if you have the gun on a bipod it bends and touches the barrel... I was in the same situation as you are now (want to improve the gun and not bust the wallet) I went for a hs-precision, the psv-69 in matte black, then got it bedded. Those two upgrades really improved the accuracy of my rifle. Next I will have the action blueprinted and an aftermarket barrel installed.

Good luck and welcome to the sport,
This same rifle was my introduction into long range shooting. It is a great starter, however as you have found out the stock is less than optimal. Probably not the worse one out there, but there are definitely better. Actually mine has shot reasonably well with it considering. Easily sub-MOA. However, like you I have looked into other stocks that are more rigid and just plain better, and that aren't the high end ones that run a little higher on the price tag. What I came up with are the Bell and Carlson and the HS Precision. Both seem to get good reviews. The B&C is a little less expensive, but I don't think you give up anything to the HS that I can tell. Both have aluminum bedding blocks. I think I am going to actually run the B&C on the 700 SPS V here real soon, and use the HS for another build. I saw on Stocky Stocks that you can order them like you want them wiht a few different options. Either of these is probably going to be your best bet.
I use accurate innovations out of south dakota, make a great laminated stock with fantastic metal bedding. AND, a drop in !
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